About LHH Indonesia

In Indonesia, LHH partnering with PT. IRADAT in delivering LHH services since 2002 as LHH’s Affiliate Office in Indonesia, which named after LHH Indonesia.
We have been assisting more than 2000 clients from many national and multinational companies / organizations from vary industries, such as: automotive, pharmacies, banks, oil and mining, agribusiness, IT and others.

LHH Indonesia services

Outplacement Program

- Manager Notification Program (Designed to assist Managers to prepare them for the difficult task of advising employees they no longer have a job)
- Stand by Consultant (Support to Managers and affected employees by being present at the time individual is notified of the possibility of losing employment)
- Program for employees for their next career (group and individual workshops)

Retirement program

Key benefit from this program is that Individuals develop a comprehensive career/life active retirement plan and receive assistance in implementing it.

Coaching Program

Provides leader with a proven approach to develop and retain key individuals through effective coaching.

Change Program

Provide support through a structured change management approach with trainings, resources and tools.


80% job openings are never advertised


LHH helps job seekers lanD 50% faster


90% companies use social media to recruit new talent


70% of our candidates land a position through networking