Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation is basically a valuation process where by a wide range of information, often encompassing the results of psychological test, is integrated into a meaningful understanding of a particular individual. Psychological testing is specific concept, which refer to : (1) Aspect of Psychometric test, (2) Actual Administration and Scoring of a Test, (3) Intepretation made based on those score.

Psychology Evaluation Cycle


Step One :
Evaluation and Analysis Qualification of Human Resource Needs

Establish the profile of psychological potential and Human Resource competencies required in accordance with the expected qualifications.


Step Two :
Identification of Getting Technique Human Resource

Elaborate techniques to get the most effective and efficient Human Resources to meet existing needs.


Step Three :
Implementation of Psychological Evaluation

Designing models and tools for the most valid, reliable and effective Psychological evaluation to get the most suitable candidate according to need.


Step Four :
Reporting of Psychological Results

Analyze the results of Psychological examination and determine suggestions or recommendation as outlined in the form of Psychological reports/p>



Psychology Assessment

In contrast to Psychology Evaluation, Psychology Assessment is aimed to obataining a deeper picture of the competencies and potentials of individuals more attributed to optimal development programs and the prognosis for higher positions. With this program, it is hoped that the principle of 'the right man on the right place' can be applied by the organization. Services include:

  • Identification of Competencies
  • Compile a Competent Dictionary
  • Determing Standars of Position Competency
  • Compile a Tools of Assessment and Method
  • Conduct Assessment
  • Delivering Assessment Results Feedback of Employee

Step Assessment Process

Step One :

Competention of Confirmation

Compose the competency profile of the position of the servie user company tailored to management objectives. If necessary, the preparation of a new competency dictionary of a review of an existing competence dictionary is required

Step Two :
Implementation of the assessment

Design approach models and assessment tools to be used that are most appropriate for measuring competence of participants / asesi. Implementation of the assessment is done within 1 day (at 08.00 - 18.00)


Step Four :


Giving feedback to management and asesi

Step Three :
Data Analysis and Report Writing

Assessment process of assessment results based on data integration of several assessors (inter-rater and multi-tools). The conclusion of the report is a recommendation of the suitability between the position profile and the achievement of competence from the asesi.